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Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a part-time porn star, part-time soccer mom and one great piece of ass. This is my new site which will be updated frequently to keep you informed of new videos and some of the nastiest things I've recently done. I love to get gang-banged. You might have the opportunity to join in on the fun.

I have received emails from you about some erotic and sexy ideas that you would like to see on my site. I have already begun filming some of them and there are many more to come. So, let me know what you want to see.

This will be an ongoing contest in which there will be a bimonthly drawing. There will be a lucky winner every two months!

Want a chance to party with me?

Ever dream of fucking a porn star? Have your cock sucked and fucked by a hot
Soccer Mom...It can happen to you!

If you sign up for my site and get three of your friends to sign up, send an email with the subject: CONTEST to to Let me know your friends email addresses and I will enter you in a drawing to do a scene with me. I love the thought of fucking my fans. Feeling lucky??? Sign up for my yahoo group at